Whole Duck Wings

Whole Duck Wings


Duck wings are a great chew for the gums and teeth as well as the added benefits of being a delicious, healthy and nutritional snack. They definitely are the drool making treat. They can be enjoyed by dogs & cats of all ages. A digestible longer lasting treat. 100% Australian human edible quality!

Duck is very high in protein and minerals such as selenium, phosphorous, zinc, iron copper and sodium. Vitamins, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, vitamin b6 and b12 are in abundance.

Our duck wings are Not roasted, Not air dried, Not cooked these methods of drying meats give many treats a strong unpleasant odour, many smell foul like rotting meat. Instead we present you with an aromatic, nutritional, delicious treat that your pet will want more and more of. Our company is the only pet treat manufacturing company in Australia with its own unique exclusive advanced dehydration technology. Using refrigeration, coupled with our patented Nutrieseal™ system, we dehydrate pure lean meat at low humidity and low temperatures. The best pure, real, aromatic 100% meat treats for your pets

Each pack contains 2 whole duck wings, which can be easily broken into thirds for portion control.

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