Dental Roo Rib

Dental Roo Rib

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Each regular box contains 150g of double and triple cut roo ribs in varying sizes. The mini box contains 50g of the same wholesome ribs in relatively smaller pieces.

A staple in many households, our Dental Roo Rib is the most effective at removing plaque, therefore slowing tartar formation. Dogs can’t help but salivate at the pleasing aroma, which is a good thing that they come in double and triple cut pieces for portion control. As with any treat, always monitor your dog to ensure that it is thoroughly chewed. Attemtping to swallow without properly chewing could be harmful.

This analysis is done specifically on LPT products at NATA registered laboratories. Our analysis validates the effectiveness of our patented process which is not comparable by all other forms of moisture extraction.

Fat 13.7%
Protein 58.6%

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