The ultimate healthy reward for your pet: the ultimate in pure natural goodness and taste. Loyalty Pet Treats are made using our unique patented Nutrieseal™ process to dehydrate pure lean meat at low temperatures and humidity, thereby ensuring that the full nutritional value, natural flavours and aromas are preserved.

The result is a naturally delicious and healthy treat in a league of its own, unlike other normal moisture extraction techniques such as air drying, oven baking, smoking, or various forms of cooking.



All Loyalty Pet Treats products are Australian sourced, operated and manufactured in compliance with HACCP principles and Safe Food Queensland standards. HACCP is audited & registered by SCI QUAL International; Safe Food Queensland is audited & registered by the Queensland Government. Our commitment ensures your pet will be rewarded with the purest of taste & healthy goodness.

All Loyalty Pet Treats are:

  • Ultra-Premium functional treats that support the health and vitality of your pets
  • Single ingredient only. No salt, sugar, colour, preservatives or fillers added
  • Made from 100% human grade meat
  • Created using our patented Nutrieseal™ process in our Safe Food accredited facility in Queensland
  • Nutrient dense, fully digestible and irresistibly aromatic
  • Free of any impurities and contaminants
  • Tested by independent NATA laboratories for accurate nutritional analyses. (No we don’t simply use Google) 

treats with a purpose

Apart from being extremely nutritious and tasty, our functional treats also support the health and vitality of your pets in various ways.

  • SMILE range supports teeth and gum health, prevents tartar build up, gingivitis and bad breath.
  • SHINE range is rich in Vitamin A, iron, and selenium to help boost immunity and vitality.
  • BOOST range is high-quality protein dense treats which aid muscle growth and repair, with minimum 75% protein and maximum 10% fat.
  • ZEN range have proven anti-inflammatory effects, which help regulate the immune system, aid in the natural healing of the body, slow the aging process and reduce swelling and pain.

High-quality nutrient dense and aromatic treats are used by professional trainers and discerning pet owners to provide encouragement and promote good behaviour in a manner your pet would approve of and love you for!


Your pet gives you unreserved loyalty. Give it back, with Loyalty Pet Treats.