Q. What is Nutrieseal™?

Answer. The Nutrieseal™ process is a state-of-the art drying system by way of using very low temperatures within a purified, sealed environment.

The low temperature moisture extraction and the re-circulation of the drying air intensify the flavours and aromas in the food whilst having the minimum degradation of nutrients.

All products are pasteurized at a critical phase of the process to ensure all pathogens are destroyed. The level of moisture retained in the product ensures that pathogens cannot live in the product post drying.

Q. What is the difference between Nutrieseal™ and other systems used for drying pet treats?

Answer. Nutrieseal™ process uses very low temperatures in a fully sealed and purified environment in which to dry the products without drawing air from outside its own enclosed environment. Other systems use extreme heat; like oven roasting or air drying whereby hot air is passed over the products to dry them rapidly. These drying systems are cost effective but are far inferior ways of drying since they denature the finished products nutritionally and the product usually has a very strong unpleasant odour. Pets have higher sensitivity to smell and taste and they can certainly tell the difference.

Q. Why are your products Ultra-Premium?

Answer. All our products are Australian sourced from the best suppliers in the country. Our patented dehydration process enables a variety of products to be produced without the use of artificial colourings, preservatives or additives. The low processing temperatures mean the high protein, natural fats and the nutritional goodness is retained while the natural flavours and aromas are intensified without need for any additives. Others use high temperature or cooking that destroys the natural properties of the meats and offal, hence resulting in lost nutritional quality, flavour and aroma.

Q. Is Loyalty Pet Treats a manufacturer?

Answer. Yes we are an Australian pet treat manufacturing company, not simply marketers whose product is made by someone else and branded under another name.

Q. Where do you source your raw products?

Answer. All products are sourced directly through accredited Australian abattoirs and fisheries.

Q. What accreditation do you have?

Answer. We have Safe Food Queensland and HACCP SCI Qual International.

Q. Why is having accreditation important?

Answer. We have traceability, and we know who supplied us what product. All Loyalty Pet Treats management and staff practice high food standards for your safety as well as your pets’. Ask your supplier if they have accreditation, don’t just take their word but ask them for a copy of their accreditation. You could poison yourself and your pet if you don’t use accredited suppliers. Some suppliers don’t have accreditation in place as these are very expensive, time consuming and incur extra costs that us genuine manufactures must cover.

Q. How do you compete against all the other cheap pet treats?

Answer. We don’t compete against cheap treats! We stand alone for our ultra-premium quality. There are plenty of willing suppliers for cheap pet treats but we will never compromise our quality.

Q. Do Loyalty Pet Treats products need to be refrigerated?

Answer. No, the treats are best kept in an air tight container in a cool, dry place.  The refrigerator is not ideal as it promotes condensation each time the door is opened. 

Q. Why can’t I simply share my human treats and food with my pets? Doesn’t it show I love them by sharing my favourite food with my fur kids?

Answer. Human treats and food usually contain additives, preservatives, salt, sugars, seasonings, MSG etc which are not suitable or healthy for pets. Some human foods are also known to irritate the digestive system of pets, causing them to have loose or runny stool. A few common human foods are even known to be toxic and poisonous for pets.

It really pays to research and find out what we should be feeding our pets in order to afford them the highest quality of life and health, rather than have to spend a fortune later in your pet’s life in treating illnesses and conditions which could have been prevented with appropriate and good quality nutrition.